What is Time-Lapse Video?

What is time-lapse? What is a time-lapse video? Which type of projects can it be used for, and how does it add value to your projects? What points do you consider when buying, renting a time-lapse system, or obtaining time-lapse services?

Time-lapse is a technique used in photography to create a video that condenses time. It involves taking photos at set intervals and editing them to show the changes during the capture period. Time-lapse is mainly used to present the whole process in a short video, monitor and archive construction projects, nature projects, significant events, and organizations, and deliver the entire process with a short video.

It allows us to see the world in a new way by condensing time and providing a unique perspective on the world around us.

The most crucial issue in the time-lapse technique is photo quality. Ultra HD and 4K resolutions are becoming more popular in the video/TV industry and on the internet. However, the final output to be obtained must meet the expectations. Time-lapse videos made with low-resolution IP cameras, security cameras, or amateur products in HD, FullHD resolution give results far from the expected quality.

In addition, it is vital for the person who manages the time-lapse project to determine the correct location for the photo, the camera position to always stay in the desired place, the choice of camera and lens, and the right setting of the camera's parameters.

What are the time-lapse project types?

There are two types of time-lapse projects:

  1. Short term Time-lapse : The sunrise, daily traffic of a port, the establishment of an expo area, and the interior design process of a building are suitable projects for short-term time-lapse video applications.
  2. Long term time-lapse : Long-term time-lapse:
    • Photographing a construction project regularly for 2-3 years, from the first day to the last day,
    • photographing every moment of a ship's construction process,
    • photographing a mining area over the years,

    are examples of long term time lapse project.

Why do I need one?

What are the challenges in long time lapse projects?

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